about us

Joyful Connections believes that it is in the best interest when they have the opportunity to have a relationship with each of their parents that is free from adult conflict and threats of abuse of any kind.

The need for the services offered by Joyful Connections may be due to issues related to divorce or separation, domestic violence, protection orders, child abuse and neglect or other safety concerns.

No matter what the situation is, we know that most children want and need to see their parents. Joyful Connections offers a safe haven for children to spend time with their family and stay connected.

our Staff

tAMI matthews – EXECUTIVE director


visitation monitors

Miss Madisen

Mr. Mike

Miss Cathy

Miss Debbie

Miss Shelly

Our Board of Directors

patty Wildman – Board Chair
howard whitcomb iii – Vice Chair
Melinda Slusser – Secretary
Wade O’Brian – Treasurer

ShirLee Eberle

Kristen Gerwin

Beth Gillman

Jill Kozlok

Jim Sass

Joanna Uhinck

Mary Wilson

Services are provided 7 days a week