Joyful Connections has four visitation rooms.


Joyful Connections has four visitation rooms, all complete with a table and chairs and living room furniture. Each room has toys and all visitors have access to games, books and craft supplies.


  • Sheila Powell, Executive Director
  • Miss Kim, Operations Manager
  • Miss Darla, Supervised Visitation Monitor
  • Miss Debbie, Supervised Visitation Monitor
  • Miss Kathy, Supervised Visitation Monitor
  • Miss Shelly, Supervised Visitation Monitor


Visits and exchanges are by appointment only.  However, the center is usually able to accommodate the family’s needs.


When the Leadership Ottawa County Class of 2007 began to think about their class community project, they sought information from various individuals about needs within the County. One need that was identified was the need for a place where children could be kept safe and free from conflict while estranged or divorced parents exchanged children for visitation.

The LOC Class of 2017  understood the need and decided to make their class project one that would educate the public on the sometimes precarious and  unhealthy position that children are placed in when parents divorce. Their goal was to find a nucleus of concerned citizens that would take up the cause and follow through with opening a supervised visitation and supervised exchange center. The result of the project was a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and home-like environment where children’s visits with a non-custodial parent are supervised and children can visit without fear or threat of violence. Joyful Connections also provides services where children can be exchanged for visitation in a supervised setting without witnessing conflict and physical abuse between parents. In October 2008, Joyful Connections opened its doors for service, and since that time, the need for service has grown steadily.

Services are provided 7 days a week. Hours by Appointment.